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China National Heavy Duty Truck 94 T7H trucks settled in Nanjing

Release time 2017-06-10 14:47  
May 21, China National Heavy Duty Truck and Nanjing Jianye, Jiangsu Andover 94 HOWO T7H dangerous tractor delivery ceremony, successful conclusion in the summer. China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, China Federation of Logistics Purchasing, part of the logistics business representatives and Nanjing local distributors and direct users nearly 200 people attended the ceremony, witnessed a new breakthrough of China's heavy truck in the Yangtze River Delta region hazardous chemicals transport market.

Work together to develop, beneficial in win-win situation. SINOTRUK sales vice president Duan Hengyong said that by virtue of the advantages of Man technology products and good market performance, SINOTRUK rapidly realized the conversion from STR platform to MAN platform, from the main vehicle of the construction vehicles to the road vehicles and special vehicles, Balanced development of the initial success of the transition. The strategic cooperation with Nanjing Jianye, Jiangsu Andover strategic cooperation is more powerful, complementary advantages, HOWO-T7H undoubtedly served as the most important role in cooperation between the two sides . Duan Hengyong also introduced China's heavy truck "wisdom heavy truck" APP, "full life cycle service", "non-stop service" and many other special services.